How can toggle two animations at same time

i’ve seen avatars that have animation toggles which require one a second animation to be toggled first. Theres one like the transformer soundwave who has music toggles that only work when you toggle the stereo mode animation first. Or avatars with object toggles that only show effects like lasers or other stuff.

how do i set up my controler to allow this for my own animations

you basically hide the object under a spawning object, so unless parent object is spawned, child object will not come out,

so left hand summon mother,
right hand summon child

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can do so with parameters. I believe (could be wrong, never tested it myself) when setting up animation controllers, you can assign mutiple parameters to trigger something and it acts as an ‘AND’ gate. This means it needs 2 parameters to trigger it. You can also set it up where one parameter triggers the animation, and only goes to the 2nd animation once the second parameter is triggered.

Apologies if this doesn’t make sense. If you need more help feel free to reply.

i dont know anything about parameters whatsoever, but I figured out how to lead one animation into the other like this.

it does however make everything freak out when i click the third animation, instead of doing nothing, but so long as i dont click it then i shouldn’t have to worry.

my newest concern is that my ACTION controller animations which use shapekeys will refuse to use any of them when any shapekey from my FX controller is currently active