How can one change size of avatar in game?

So I found an avatar that has an animation that lets it change size. I dont know how they did this, but i want to find out how they did it so I can replicate it for my own avatar

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Its not actually changing the view point. If you make an animation that is the avatar smaller and one that is regular size you can toggle that. The viewpoint issue is why it floats when smaller which is cool for fae folk. However don’t try to make your avatar larger doing this because the results are not good lol

okay but literally HOW???

Make an animation that is the avatar resized. Literally all you have to do. Make it smaller. Then make one that is normal size to toggle back.

If you are looking at how to create animations. There are 10000 guides on YouTube for that.

Here is a great guide to help you figure the toggle out though. This one is hella short and sweet.

already tried to resize the bones, the mesh, and the whole object, then saved them in animations, but the program either automatically defaults the number, or it refuses to show any changes ingame.

you have to create a duplicate and make the animation from that. then delete the dup. You might be over thinking this.

you dont need to resize the bones as they will resize with the animation

All of the animation is created in unity

Literally create a dup avatar and make a new animation. then hit the record button. resize that avatar to something like .3 .3 .3 then copy that mark to half a sec and paste… then make a animation and set it to what ever your normal size is like 1 1 1. After all that delete the duplicate and setup your animation toggle.

I could make a short little guide if you need if i ever get off work :slight_smile:

I already did literally ALL of that. the animation, the bones, the mesh, the body, the recording, resizing. ALL OF IT. And the numbers always default on me by force

See what I mean when I said you might be over thinking it. Seriously it is that easy.

Everything you have done in that video I have done a hundred times already, exept with completely different results entirely.
In my XYZ boxes, when I change the numbers to anything else, they automatically revert back to normal.

After seeing your video I realized what the problem was, so I started a new project but did NOT install the VRCSDK. I copied my avatar assets and when I changed the scale numbers, they didnt change back.

which means you are operating with a much older version of the VRCSDK. The current one forbids scaling of any kind whatsoever to humanoid rigs. All other bones however cannot be scaled.

Given this knowledge my only recourse is to ask if you can upload your copy of the VRCSDK, please

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Try to remove Scale Constraint

His Unity version is the same as yours
Screenshot from 2021-05-26 01-32-310

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Bro hahahahaha I got you… Is there anything else in the animation other than the size and are you clicking on the main root then clicking record then clicking up in inspector? I think you might have some other transform on or in the animation… if you are gonna have things pop out like wings you have to animate them diff.

This is the only unity we use for 3.0 bruh. SDK came directly from VRChat man. Made the video with a fresh SDK and tested in VR works fine.

i dont think the scale constraint was what prevented me from resizing the avatar because thats what I used when THIS method wouldnt function correctly. Starting a new project somehow fixed scaling in unity, but it is still NOT working in VRchat, even with removing the other animations