How can I walk on walls and upside down?

I have personally modeled MC Echers’ famous work “Relativity” (search it, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you will recognize it) I would like to make it a VRC world. For this, I am trying trying to make gravity local. What I mean by this is I want one person to be able to walk on the wall, while another walks on the floor, or ceiling. I know this is possible, because someone actually did it BEFORE udon. CyanLazer#4695 tested one out on a private world. how would one go about this?

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This sounds like you’d just need to set player rotation and gravity. The vrcplayerbaseapi thing has a node for setting player gravity, and for actually rotating the player I believe playerapi teleport has a rotation parameter. I’m not exactly sure if it allows you to rotate around all axes, but that’s my best guess

The CyanLazer world used stations (chairs) that was set where you was mobile locally but all others was immobile, and moved the stations to make it appear they was on walls and stuff.

and with udon you can’t actually change the direction of gravity, only the strength of it, and player teleport don’t let you rotate around all axes.

currently the only way I can think of would be to rig up something with stations.

wow thank you. this helps a lot. unfortunately im an idiot when it comes to unity. but know I know where to start. :slight_smile:

I saw your rather specific and awesome question. I myself was using a gravity tool to adjust my local gravity to any surface I point at just yesterday. This may not be PC… But you have to see this shit… Download NeosVR in Steam (Free). It is an amazing place with lots of tools and fx already in place… Still gives you access to basically everything which can be overwhelming at first. As a world builder you will adapt quickly… I have a Spiderman that can shoot webs and launch into the air and really use them… You can touch/grab anyone avatar… Like someone can climb on my back and Spidy can swing us both over a gorge. There is a great 0-G mode in space worlds… If you come in friend me and I will clone you a gravity tool to play with in the many existing Echer worlds in there… Cheers Sir!

WOAH dude. This is incredible. Its VRChat but only GOOD. there is actually stuff to do OTHER than staring at a mirror! From now on the only thing I’m using VRC for is telling my friends to download NeosVR