How can i remove the lenses out of my Avatars glasses in Unity?

Hey there, as you can already see in the title.
I created an Avatar in Vroid, Made it better in Blender, and then did the rest in Unity, now there is only 1 Issue, and that is that the Glasses lenses are dark/thick like you cant see trough them.
It started once i moved to Unity with my file. Now is there anybody who knows how i can remove the lense or just make it invisible from my Avatar?
I will post pictures so you see how everything is going so far.

The best thing you can do is to use Blender and delete the lenses off the mesh. You may need to use the Knife tool to cut the lens out first before deleting them.

Avatars on Quest, as far as I know, can not have transparency applied to them, meaning the mesh can only be Opaque.