How can I relocate an object without keeping it's kinetic force?

This is more an Unity question, but still. I’m trying to relocate an object with Udon. I can do that just fine, but when I move it to it’s new location, if it had any kinetic force on it (it was falling, rolling on the ground, flying…) it will keep it’s momentum after the relocation. I want it to appear at it’s target destination without the previous kinetic force. What block should I use for that?

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With the udon code on the object that you want to stop moving, you can do it like this. specifically the rigidbody set angular velocity to zero.

Ah, “Set rotation” and “set angular velocity” are also required? That’s what I’ve been missing. Thanks a lot, I’m going to test it as soon as I can.

Hi, this method does not seem to work for me, objects seem to still go flying. I attached my graph so maybe let me know if Im doing something wrong If I replace “Get Variable” with “This” it still does not work.