How can I modify an existing portal system (In-world teleporting) to work with Vrchat/Udon?

So, there is a video by Sebastian Lague that shows how to code simple seamless portals in Unity, which works with a basic FPS controller and Main Camera. The problem is that when I use ClientSim to test out the world, the portal code stops working. My knowledge on this subject is very limited, but is there any way that I can get this working in Vrchat?

It may be something with replacing Camera.main with VRChat’s Player Camera, or Using World Space UI for Portal Screens instead, but I am not sure

Video in discussion:

Unity scene repo:

Possibly unusable, but I also found a world that managed to get this code working with udon:

There is a client simulator that runs inside the Unity editor, it’s got a warning that it’s not 100% accurate.

VRChat does offer a local test mechanism, and everything in there will work like on the service.

Maybe you can make a top level game object to contain teleport buttons for the client sim to move around?