How can i make a small leaderboard in my world using udon?

so im pretty new to unity but all i need to learn to figure out is how to make a leaderboard that shows all players names that are in the instance on the board and show who has the highest score. the person that always has the highest score is always put on top. can anyone help me?

Hey! While leaderboards might sound simple, there is actually quite a bit of internal complexity that might not be obvious.

What I can recommend though is downloading the official VRChat Obstacle Jam example package, and using the leaderboard system from that.

here is the package

Just unzip it and copy the _WorldJam2 folder from the Assets folder into your own Assets folder (make sure you’re using the latest vrc sdk first!)

There is a Starter Scene there in _WorldJam2/Scenes/StarterScene that has the highscores and all that already set up. So maybe you can just adapt it to your needs.

Otherwise - this can be a fairly non-trivial thing to implement yourself if you’re just starting.
So all I can suggest is look around for prefabs like this one.

Hope this helps!

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