How can I improve my lightmap quality when targeting Quest?

I’ve been working on a world for VRC using the latest world SDK. In Unity, generating a lightmap for use with the vrc/Mobile/Lightmapped shader creates a perfectly normal looking lightmap, at least within the editor. Once I click Build & Publish for Android, however, my lightmap jumps to being super blocky with incredibly visible banding:

Is there some way to improve the quality of lightmaps when targeting Android, or am I running up against some lightmap texture size limit or compression requirement here?

Thankfully that is a pretty easy fix. What is causing the issue is the image compression. Find your lightmap within your projects assets, click on it to bring up its setting. Select the android icon to bring up the android override and check the android override checkmark. Now set it to ATSC 4x4.

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That looks perfect, thank you! Unusual that it uses a less than optimal compression algorithm by default, guess Unity’s default is meant to be compatible with less capable android targets.