How can follow moving platforms in worlds?

I just built my first world and it is an obstacle course. Everything is animated just fine, but as soon as I step onto a moving platform, it just slides out from beneath me and I fall down like a Looney Toon character. Same goest for walls too. The player will just be like “NO, I AM IMMOVABLE!!!” and just clip through the walls that are attempting to push them.

Am I missing something? What keeps the player ON the moving objects?

The VRChat player controller unfortunately doesn’t work that way. Fortunately, you can use this prefab: GitHub - Superbstingray/UdonPlayerPlatformHook: Prefab to make players follow moving colliders correctly. Effectively parents players to objects.

That is exactly what i need, thank you

nevermind, it only works well on floors, not walls. is there something else i can try?