High quality avatar either building from scratch, editing, retexturing and lot more

HELLO my name is TOSHINE1

These are one of my recent work images

I’m 3d artist… my discord name goes thus; adolasava#5247
I will create VRChat Avatar or vtuber with Full Body Tracking, Eye Tracking, Lip Sync, Facial Expressions & Dynamic Bones fully setup in unity and ready to upload. I will create your Avatar from scratch, however please provide at least one front facing reference of your character both furry avatar and human avatar.
My Offerings:

3D Character Modeling
3D animation
Vrchat Models
Blender Models.
Anime character models
High quality


A friend notified me that you’re using my work as yours.
Hey, I don’t know you but why are you claiming that my works are yours?

prolly scaming lol

Edit: [This guy is known for scamming on vrc.trader please do not commission him.]

He first uses some one’s work as his commission samples which proven to be darkken’s

Now he’s posting Vroid pixelated model and random MMD model that you can google the image online to prove his innocence of (from scratch works.)

ohhh am really sorry…
it was one of my student that use your work as a test design
i told him to put a picture in here i never knew he put your art work
i am very sorry… please i hope you pardon me

hey man you got to cool down.
know all before you judge
I have reply the person I had issue with…
why don’t you try to know the root of a cause before judging