Higashimon Street - Puzzle

Some people have asked me for clues to the puzzle in Higashimon Street.

Here are a few clues.,.

1: Find all the gems and place them in the correct places. (match the shape to the gem stations)
2: Answer the questions that you are asked. (some questions have colours - check them against the vending maxchine)
3: Some of the clues have “Numbers” as the answer, (try putting them into the vending machine)
4: Get all your answers in the correct order (the vending machine will give you a clue)

Put in the code for a Surprise.


1:すべての宝石を見つけて、正しい場所に配置します。 (形状をジェムステーションに合わせてください)
2:尋ねられた質問に答えます。 (いくつかの質問には色があります-自動販売機に対してそれらを確認してください)



Number of Lanterns - 26
Book Puzzle (Temperature of ICE) - 0
How long to cook the dish - 37
Year the cocktail was invented - 514
When did the emperor die - 89

Code = 2603751489