Hiding parts of an avatar in 1st person

Hello, just thought I’d ask but is there a way to hide parts of an avatar for myself in the SDK? So of course the head is hidden by default on all avatars, but due to my avatar being heavily armoured there’s a piece on my chest that obscures my view when I look down and the shoulder guards when I look sideways. I believe the chest part is mapped to the chest and the shoulder guards are mapped to the upper arm bones. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Thanks.

Put a scale constraint on any parts you wish to hide in first person and target the Head bone.

The head is hidden by setting its scale to 0 for you locally, so scale constraints targetting it will also make those GameObjects scale to 0 for you locally (and look fine in mirrors/to other people)!


Do I put the constraint on each bone or just the main object? Also when I tried playing around with it the constraint would also shrink the child bones and it would show on the mirror so I assume other players too.

Here’s what I’ve done here. Excuse the bone names because I didn’t rename them after exporting from WoW model viewer but I’m inspecting the head bone and I’ve added a scale constraint with the sources being both upper arm bones and the chest bone. Changing the constraint settings just shrinks my avatar’s head globally rather than locally.

You have it the wrong way around.

Add the Scale Constraint to the bone you wish to hide (not the head bone) and add the head bone to the “Sources” list.

You should have multiple Scale Constraints (one for each bone you wish to hide), each one with exactly one Source (the head bone).

Did that, made them active and it just shrinks my entire top half even in 3rd person on the mirror. Not ticking “Is Active” did nothing.

This is a far more reasonable and easy approach to what I was thinking with local animator logic. Good idea!