Herbal's Avatar Commissions

Hi! My name is Lily, though I tend to go by Herbal online and in VR Chat.

I downloaded VRC in late 2017, after a friend of mine introduced me to VR. I quickly got my hands on my own Vive after selling my knife in CS:GO, and have since spent upwards of 2,200 hours in VR, with over 1,500 of those hours being in VR Chat specifically.

I’ve spent a large majority of the time I invested into VRC working on avatars and worlds, refining my knowledge and learning how the systems work without much guidance for what to actually make. I’ve worked on avatars for myself to varying degrees of success, and have recently gotten results I feel confident enough in to start working publicly.

As for my background, I took classes for both image manipulation (Adobe Photoshop) and 3D Modeling (Blender) during high school, and attended college for Computer Aided Design and Drafting before realizing I was far more interested in audio, transfing to a Sound and Music Technology degree. Though obviously I still do modeling as a hobby! As such, I have a few years of experience in Blender, Unity, Photoshop, Ableton/Protools, and a few other programs (that are barely relevent in this context).

So, things I am and am not comfortable with.

I am comfortable with:
  • Working with you to realize your character from descriptions or reference pictures/art.
  • Converting and importing models from other sources (MMD, Koikatsu, VRoid, etc.)
  • Creating/sculpting basic objects/props from scratch (stuffed animals, accessories, weapons, etc.)
  • Changing, fixing, or otherwise editing existing models, textures, uv maps, rigging, etc.
  • Setting up your model for Full Body Tracking.
  • Working with Unity and the Avatar 3.0 system (particles, constraints, markers, animations, etc.)
I am not comfortable with:
  • Complex, non-human models (robots, etc).
  • Dealing with time-sensitive commissions
Prices & Contact

Prices will vary greatly between models depending on the complexities and time required, from anywhere between $20 to ~$200. I will be forgiving with prices in the beginning because of my relatively small portfolio. The only way to get a price is ask! You can do so by joining this discord server.

I dislike oweing any kind of debt, so I will not ask you to pay until you see a product worth paying for. All I ask is that you do not waste my time and I will do my best!

Due to my nature of going in and out of hyper focus, I am going to limit the number of commissions I work on at a time to dedicate the attention to them that I need. It also may cause some commissions to be finished much faster or slower than others, so please be patient with me! As I work, I will update you via Discord on my progress, and write to my website so anyone can see. This will be updated when I have time available, and show tranparency for all commissions I take. (If you wish to not have yours included, please tell me!)


I have been working with VRC models for the last three or so years and have previous experience with Blender, Unity, Photoshop, and other programs.

  • You can find all of my previous work here.
  • You can contact me by joining this discord server.
  • I work both with licensed content and from scratch.
  • I am always learning more and am flexible with prices.
  • If you are unsure about your request, please ask me!

Current Status
I have a decent back log of people to work through at this point and due to classes it may take me a while. You’re welcome to join and chat, but please don’t expect me to be able to get through it all and work with so soon!

I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.

Super easy and fun to work with. Got exactly what I wanted, and is now my modeler that I will go to.

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