Help with UDON setup

I recently finished a world with the old SKD and unity 2018.4.20f1 - turned out fine. Today I wanted to start working on another world, but it told me to use a new SKD and version of Unity. I updated everything, don’t understand anything but it should be good. When I click BUILD / TEST it takes me directly to my ‘home’ base instead of the build? I alreadu added the scrips i need to and everything should be correct . If anyone’s able to run though it all with me I would be forever grateful .

SDK3 is very different from SDK2 and actually replaces/deprecates it. An SDK2 world can’t be directly updated to SDK3 and you would have to completely recreate any functionality that SDK2 was handling in the newer version.

Also, having both in the same project is a bad plan.

You can still download the SDK2 package from the website for now, but it is considered deprecated at this point. Also, new uploads of SDK2 worlds and downloads of the SDK2 package will be halted sometime in the future, from what I’ve heard.

Check out some Udon (SDK3) tutorials and they should get you caught up. It’s a whole lot of information to absorb. :slight_smile:

If you’re all caught up on that, check the console log for any errors that show up during build and make sure there are no messages about Unity Version in the SDK. (both of those can cause the world to “build”, but then just load your home world since the client can’t load it.)

It’s not just a “bad plan” it’s pretty much impossible to run them alongside one another.

SDK2 and SDK3 aren’t compatible.
It’s to the degree that you can’t even have them in the same project since sdk3 won’t work with sdk2 present.

That said, there’s a light at the end of your tunnel.
@CyanLaser (bless his soul) made something cool called GitHub - CyanLaser/CyanTrigger: CyanTrigger is a new compiler for Udon with focus on in-scene editing. The interface resembles the old SDK2 VRC Trigger interface, but has more functionality. CyanTrigger has full access to all of Udon and can work with UdonGraph and UdonSharp. CyanTrigger can be downloaded from
Which works similar to SDK2’s triggers and might be a good starting point if you’re moving things over.

and give this page a read while you’re at it

Actually… Reading things more, this might not even be a sdk2 thing but simply an unity migration thing. In which case, read: