Help with Special Sitting layer

So I have been editing avatars for a very brief time, and jumping straight into 3.0 (I bought an avatar which I have been editing to learn). I have managed to get a bunch done, editing facial expressions, creating toggles, all the fun stuff, but I am stuck on editing the sitting animations.

This is partially because every single tutorial I find seems to be referencing an older version of the SDK, or just points at places and thinks I should understand how to interact with it.

So far I have tried building this based off something I found in the example folders

and applied it here

But that didn’t seem to work.
The avatar I bought also had custom afk animations, and I found reference to that animation in this action controller

But changing the sit animation linked here didn’t seem to change it either.

Is there something I am missing here that should be obvious? An issue with a setting somewhere or something?