Help with spawn in sound

im trying to make a sound (a ship horn) activate every time when a player spawns into the world and have the sound global, currently it only activates for the local side so others in the world cant hear it, i would like to make it so that others in the world hear when a new player spawns in as the world is large with lots of places that can hid crowds

I assume this is SDK2? If so, you can do an “OnPlayerJoined” event in a trigger, then set the sync type to “AlwaysUnbuffered”. The action would just be playing the sound as you do now.

AlwaysUnbuffered means that someone joining will activate that trigger for everyone (play the sound), but it won’t save the event in the “buffer” so new joiners won’t trigger it twice. (Otherwise it would play once for the first person, twice for the second, etc)

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that fixed it, thanks