Help with quadruped avatar for Quest 2

Hello! Im new in the 3d editing world and I’ve been trying so hard to make a working 4 legged to use in my Quest 2, but everything i tried resulted in some cursed abomination.

The model I’m using is this one of Spyro from PS1: PlayStation - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage - Spyro - The Models Resource

I think I can’t use constraints for quest, so i followed some tutorials of a guy making a pony to learn how i could rig it but still everything I tried turned up being exagerated and weird, like the back feet getting inside the body during the walking cycle.

Does anyone have any idea of how can I make it work? Is there anything that I could do so all 4 feet move normally? Would a custom walking animation work? Thanks in advance, this is annoying me so much.

Here are some of the tutorials I followed: