Help with Lipsync. Language Barrier

I have been working on my first recolor of an avatar, but I cannot get the mouth to move. I narrowed it down to lipsync and having to assign the sounds to the animations. The issue I’m having is that the model’s creator made all the animations in Japanese so I don’t know where to put things. I’d appreciate the help since I am very new to this process and this has been my only stop so far!

Added note, the only options I have for a face mesh are the body, pants, and poncho. The model is the Regulus 2.0 if anyone happens to have worked with this before. Appreciate the help!

Cats Blender Plugin can translate in one click

I’ve heard that helps, but when I hit to translate I get an error saying that I’m banned from google translate.

having the same problems plz notify me when its resolved :>