Help with custom emotes

I’m very new to everything but blender in the custom vrchat content process and I want to make a custom emote that creates a bit of text, plays some sound, and ragdolls the avatar. the problem is the emote tutorials i found are for specifically animations, i couldn’t really find anything for the text or anything that i could understand for the ragdolling. any help?

I am no expert here, so I could be completely goofing, but theoretically, could you duplicate the avatar and apply dynamic bones to all the bones except the center of the body (hips I think) and add some gravity component to the hip bones? That way you can set it up in the animations where you disable the normal avatar game object and enable the new one with the dynamic bones?

And for the text that’s pretty simple. It’s the same concept as any other normal gesture override, and you can find videos explaining that, just make sure to make it a world object so it doesn’t start flailing around while you ragdoll.

Again, sorry if this isn’t really in-depth. I am a complete noob at this, but that’s just what comes to mind.