Help. View in game jumps through world when using a toggle

I have run into a strange problem where when I try to use an animation I made to make a pair of weapons on my model appear and disappear, it instead causes my entire view to become lodged in an area of the world that is just skybox, making it impossible to access my menu or see my model or even where I am standing. I’ve been told that the animation is set up correctly and obviously something is happening or else the animation would simply not work at all.

I’ve tried keeping in mind things like using the most up to date SDK/Unity combo, remaking the model in unity, the fact the original model needed to be scaled down in unity. (Original model in blender and in unity was like a story tall in game before I manually brought it down to a playable height with scale.)

I’ve included an image gallery of screenshots showing the model and hierarchy, anims, etc. I sent to friends who tried to give me some help just in case you want to check over the situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi foxhound99!
This is happening because one of the objects you’re toggling on was exported from Blender with a Camera on it, or you otherwise accidentally added a Camera to some object.

I would look for any cameras and lights in your scene and delete them, or at least disable them. (keep the Main Camera and Directional Light at the top of your scene, of course)

If you’re unsure where to find cameras, type t:Camera in the search bar. The capitalization must be exactly like that.

If the above didn’t help and you’re still stuck, I’d advise you to look at the Game View when testing, and use Releases · lyuma/Av3Emulator · GitHub (Tools → Enable Avatars 3.0 Emulator). If this sort of problem exists, it will probably also show up in the editor, but not a guarantee.

Worked like a charm. I appreciate the help!