Help Udon Skybox change

I need help on trying to change the skybox with undon with a switch toggle and its not working is there anyone that could help me with this

From what I can tell, the default world doesn’t have a skybox that can be changed. So I had to make a sphere that covered my world (and turn off it’s collider). Then I made a material for that sphere and used the skybox/Procedural type material. I made another sphere for my player to click on to change it and applied this udon script to the interacting sphere.

The interact event first checks to see if the flip bit is on or off.
If its on, it sets it off then sets the property of the material
If its off, turns it on and sets the property of the material.
The public game object variable must be referenced as the skybox itself.
I tested this out in VRC and it worked.

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well i have tried that and for some reason its not working and i am just going to give up for now with udon till more documents come out

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