Help setting up a tentacle ragdoll effect on avatar

Hey, I’ve been working with an avatar that has four long tentacles on its face. Those tentacles are splayed out in a kind of A-pose rigidly, and I want to give them something of a ragdoll effect so they can A. rest at the torso when its head isn’t moving and B. respond to the movements of the head and body. Any advice?

You’re probably going to get the best results with Dynamic Bones.

I can’t really give precise settings but fiddle with the stiffness,flexibility,etc until it looks OK. Then, you’d want to set the force to be negative in the Y direction, I think. That makes them tend to drag downward. (Gravity does not seem to work as well as negative Y force)

You might also need a dynamic bones collider in the chest to prevent them from going through the body.

Keep in mind that dynamic bones are heavily penalized in the performance ranking system and even more so for DB colliders. Use as sparingly as possible to get the effect you want and minimize the total number of bones whose transforms are affected.

Actual ragdoll effects are possible but require rigidbodies and colliders to work properly. Also due to how VRChat “copies” your avatar locally into a “Player” and “MirrorReflection” layer, this causes your avatar to absolutely freak out locally.

For example, this just goes ragdoll and falls over for others. But locally it turns into a bunny tornado: