Help: How to toggle game object globally not locally

Hi there!
I was able to turn on a collider and a mirror but they always seem to but local to the player. I was wondering how to make it global for everyone in the world i created. I specifically want to turn on a collider. I wasn’t able to find a concrete answer.
Thanks in advance for any guidance provided

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I haven’t actually done it myself but I’d guess you need to use UdonBehaviour.SendCustomNetworkEvent()

You will have to use SendCustomNetworkEvent yes, however, it is not buffered (saved for late joiners) at the moment.

Here is a example for enable/disable globally


Thank you so much! Ive been spending hours trying to make it work. I really appreciate!

Since you pointed it out, is it possible to make it buffered? Is it complicated?

You can design your own buffer system yes. It’s not complicated.

They will eventually add buffering to SendCustomNetworkEvent.

I dont know how to make a buffer system. I will look it up. Thank you some much for taking your time to reply to me. I really appreciate!

It’s very simple, make a synched variable, have the variable set before the network call, then add a start event and have that variable used for synching late joiners. PhaxeNor’s example is good it just have to be expanded with the variable and start event to sort out late joiners.

How would you do this with animations?

I got to admit im curious about that aswell. I want to sync moving lights to all the player when the dj changes them