[Help] Avatar Publishing/Unity

Howdy do!
I have been working on trying to get this Hyperion avatar to work after purchasing it from the Artist. Now I did some rollback in the artists discord and I saw that some of the recommendations were to resolve the first error that comes up in the console.

Upfront, I am a complete noob at these things.

I went through the VRC Companion to get it imported with the template through Unity Hub. I followed the process that most YouTube videos suggest with setting up before publishing which included putting in the right VRM version unity package. I am at a loss though. After adding the descriptor to the file and moving to publish I get hit with a series of errors I have no understanding of. I understand they are probably blender issues trying to meet the VRChat publish paramters. Or that I am using the wrong process all together that is adding things to the unity project I dont know about.

My struggling is that I saw others on the artists discord have been getting it to work but I am not getting the feedback I need to understand what I would need to do.

These are the errors I am sitting on.

Anything above the warning about LowerLeg?

The lines below are telling you that there are a lot of polygons and material slots and mesh parts.

For that screen it is in the order of process stopping issues the SDK can see, then warnings. Lastly the performance ranking information.

The most common and safest thing to check would be dynamic bones. There are some stubs on GitHub, just enough code to hold dynamic bones data.

Alternative you’ll have to look at the unity console.