HELP! Avatar body problem

So, im customizing this model i got from booth and i love what i did so far but everytime i move, after like 3 seconds, the avatar body just slowly goes sideways and i have no idea what’s the problem. when i stop moving my body goes back to normal, my viewpoint/camera is fine my hands are fine, but my body just straight up goes to dropkick mode. i added a picture and a video so u could see what im talking about… i could really get some help with this because im honestly confused but i do believe its a problem i need to fix in unity… thanks! original model is called siratama and its on booth btw

the video i recorded

A picture showing the problem


It’s really hard to tell without looking at the file. Is there an animation on the gesture or idle layer making her IK move slightly to the side?

Well, i actually fixed it a couple of hours ago but i forgot to delete the post but thanks for replying. For some reason if i change the scale/size of the avatar, it does that dropkick thing everytime i move around. I changed it back to default which is 1 and it was normal again. I wonder why it’s like that or maybe i just can’t mess around with the scale thing for that model.