Help! Audiosource plays only as local

First, I’m now using SDK3
I add Audiosource and had played it by using Udon, but other people can’t hear audio.
How I can play it as global?

bump, i also wanna know how to make audio network synced

Here’s an example of a doorbell that plays whenever someone joins the instance! All you need to do is make sure the audio source max distance covers either the whole map, or whatever area you want it to be heard in.

The key is making a Custom Event that plays the Audio Source, then calling that Custom Event with a “SendCustomNetworkEvent” which will run the Custom Event for everybody.

The Graph just has 1 variable that is an Audio Source. Just make it public so you can drag the audio source gameobject onto that variable in the Inspector window to assign it to the variable. Hope this example helps!

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