Having trouble with parameter ranges and expressions

Hi there! I’ve been having an issue with my current 3.0 avatar project. I’m trying to have a radial puppet control a shape key (0-100), but I can’t seem to get the animator and the parameters to agree.
My animator is setup to have a float parameter feed the normalized time field that corresponds to the radial puppet, and the animation is 2 frames (Shape key 0 - Shape key 100). When I get in game my shape keys are at 100% when the radial menus are at 0, and they act really strange, going back to 0% shape key at 50% radial menu and flipping back around. I presume this is because the float goes from -1 to +1 and it’s running the shape key in reverse until it gets to 50%, in which case it would be between -1 and +1 exactly (0), but I can’t figure out a way to fix it or change the range of the float to only be positive, and I can’t use an int for the normalized time, cycle offset and mirror didn’t really seem to do anything helpful. Searches haven’t turned up anything that helped me so I would appreciate any ideas! Thank you.

Okay, I figured it out. In case anyone finds this with the same issue: Apparently unity adds a keyframe at 1:00 which was causing the animation to return to 0 after 50%.