Having trouble with build and publishing an avatar

So when I was trying to test out uploading an avatar I got a legacy blendshape normals, not sure what that’s about because I didn’t do anything with blendshapes. And when I click Auto fix all buttons go away and cant build. Any idea on what I should do to fix this?

Are the other tabs on that window blank too?

Are there any red error messages in the console?

Have you tried restarting Unity after fixing the blendshapes issue?

I think I had a similar sequence of events, I threw an fbx file into a scene, wrestled with the mesh read write and then the SDK panel went blank, turned out that it went blank over a missing animator.

Mine was clear, in the console unity said that a missing animator was being accessed.

Your particular error may of course be different.

The other tabs are fine just the build tab is blank and I’m not sure about the console. This is my first time trying to make an avatar. I’ve also restarted unity and the build tab stays the same

I will have to check the logs, the only thing is I didn’t make any animations. But I also didn’t make the base body either, so that might be giving me some problems too.

I was just importing a model to see what the polygon count would be, but I just had to add an animator, I didn’t have to put anything in it.

So I checked the logs and it was saying that, there is no ‘animator’ attached. Thanks for the help!