Having trouble uploading an avatar

I’ve been trying for hours now to upload a custom avatar with different tutorials and such… I’m completely new to uploading stuff and would highly appreciate some advice!!
I bought the model for the NKD Protogen avatar and customized it a bit to resemble one of my characters. Went to go import it through Unity (as of rn, I’ve tried several different versions, most had the same result) and whenever I pressed “Build and Publish”, nothing would happen. I honestly may have just broken it at this point.

Trying to open it in the 2020 version of Unity gives me this:

hitting build and publish gives me this

Opening the 5.6.3p1 version and importing the VRCSDK2 gives me this:

It also doesnt show the settings button under the VRChat SDK tab.

The 2018 version works fine up until the “Build and Publish” problem. I’m just… not sure whats going wrong here-

You’re supposed to use Unity 2018.4.20f1 for uploading avatars to VRChat, other versions very likely will not work.

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I imported the vrcsdk2 into that one and got this in the console-
Is it gonna mess anything up?

Even when I ignore all that, I still get “No AssetBundle has been created for this build” Is that something I need to make?

Just a word of advice, warnings in the console for uploading an avatar are nearly meaningless and can be mostly ignored. However errors (red warning sign) are a lot more helpful in fixing issues and it’s not as likely that you can ignore an error but in some cases you can.

In this scenario of the no assetbundle issue, ensure the avatar you’re trying to upload doesn’t have a avatar / blueprint ID attached to it. You may want to disable future proofing in the SDK as well.


Thanks! Thats good to know
and I did all that, but this was the result

And the n this is the sdk window

Ah something is breaking the prefab for your avatar which will cause the upload to fail, however that error in specific only tells us that the prefab is broken in some way and not what is causing it to break.

I would have to see a picture of the console, preferably with the settings below applied to it.

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When I tried it nothing showed up in the console, but I’ll try it again in a bit

Click build and publish and if it fails post a picture of the console, again with only errors showing ideally. Which should already happen if you applied the settings in the picture above.

Here it is!

Ah you have a missing script on your avatar you’d likely have to remove it or get the script that’s missing and put it into your Project.

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