Having Avatar search back

A feature that I utilized a lot before the implementation of EAC was the ability to search for avatars. It makes finding certain things way easier, just by typing in certain key words or names. It was able to sort by creator name, upload date, even alphabetical order. It gets really frustrating having to hop from world to world to find maybe one avatar. Especially when you’re looking for something specific like poc avatars. I really miss this modded feature and I hope to see something like it added soon.


I agree why is it that you can search avatar worlds and users. but not avatars.

yea bc some public avatars shouldnt be used yet, get alr leaked or priv avis snacked

For worlds there is clear public vs private, with a quirk that if you have a private world id you can make an instance and join it. With the avatars there is clear indication that there is a need for a middle ground.

I’ve seen some world that offer up avatar for completing a quest, or via exploration. The avatar from those is notable from the requirement to find them. Should searchable avatars be curated in a way? With the current avatar search I suspect there is a big list of avatars embedded in the world and a search is done. So in a loose sense those are curated.

I’m curious to see what they come up with in a certain number of years, assuming no distractions.