Have a float value fallow another float value only if an integer is a certain value

Hey everyone, I’m trying to make a float value (cloathing tweek) follow another float value (body proportion, operated by a radial menu) but only on a certain condition. For example, I want it to adjust when the integer for selecting one of my lowerclothes is equal to 2 but not when its equal to anything else. I want it because of a certain piece of clothing requires tweek (second float value) when I adjust body proportions (with the first float value).
Thanks in advance!

You might not actually need the other float value - just set up an animator layer where you transition to the animation that controls the clothes tweak if LowerClothed - Equals - 2

On the animator state for the clothes that it transitions to - check the “Paramter” box for “Motion Time” and set the float value that controls it to the one you’re wanting to match. Be sure to set the animation speed to 0 since the frame is controlled by the float value.

When doing this setup, the animation will “play” at a point in the animation that matches the float. 0.0 = start of the animation, 1.0 is the last frame, anywhere in between will match to the corresponding point in the animation.

Then it’s just a matter of matching up the state that you want the clothes to be in with the corresponding float value/point in the animation.

I’m not sure to quite understand how to proceed. I have a blendtree to adjust the body proportion. For the clothe adjust, i created two animations which i put in a blend tree; - one with the tweak with the blend shape value of 100 and the other with a value of 0. I don’t know where to put the condition for the clothes value is equal to 2.

Is this what im supossed to do or create a full animation where frame 0 is blendshape clothe adjust with a value of 0 and 99 frames later with a frame with clothe adjust blendshape value of 100?

Do you have a screencapture of an example? I would be super gratefull

Turns out I reorganised my blendshapes. I put the adjustment inside the clothing itself. Much easier to do and looks better. Thank you for your time!