Haptics suits and equipment

I guess you can put this as avatars.

But I wanted ask about haptics suits and equipments.

I was wondering seems in the new upcoming updates there will be haptics touch, But will we see the actual equipment being used in the future at all?

So far only the controller haptics, if you wish to use b-haptics I believe for now your best bet is OSC implementation on a custom avatar.
There are some projects out there on GitHub, the one I know of might not receive updates as they appear to have moved on to other projects.

Hopefully they will add it to all avatars one day. I’m not going to pay someone to put haptics on an avatar. so without mods I can still use haptics then?

The controller haptics when they add that sure, maybe they will add native support for b-haptics in the future, I mean some games have had that for years already so maybe it’s about time.

These are challenging.

There’s dozens and dozens of devices out there that do various things with VR and haptics and etc, but we can’t implement native support for all of them. If we do that, we start to fill up VRChat with a ton of third-party code. We’ve been making an effort to reduce third party assets in use and instead replace it with superior, purpose-built internal systems instead (PhysBones, for example)

Things like bHaptics are supported via OSC but that’s avatar-dependent right now. It isn’t on the immediate roadmap but eventually we’d like to look at better ways to handle it and similar devices.

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Ah brilliant thank you. Hopefully it will come some day. Ever since the third party/mods have now been fully removed (well Simi removed) a couple of things have been difficult to handle. I will have to try and find an avatar with the haptics code in them unfortunately I don’t have avatar search no more but I can ask around. Appreciate the time