Gripping a sword in a toggle in 3.0

Hello! I’d like to make it so when I turn a sword on via the toggle menu, my right hand grips that sword, how do I do this?

You’d just need to animate moving the fingers to curl around the sword in the animation.

The caveat here is that since you’re animating the fingers, which are normally controlled by the controller tracking, you need to change them from Tracking to Animation using the Animator Tracking Control state behavior.

Also, you’ll probably need to use the Playable Layer Control state behavior to set the weight of the layer to 1.0 so that it will animate the fingers (0.0 weight doesn’t affect anything).

Once you transition back out of this state, you also need to undo what you did by setting weight back to 0 and setting the fingers back to Tracking.

Docs here, plus there are some examples in the SDK that should help:

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Hello! Thank you so much for your response. This will really help me! I’ve figured out an alternative, but I will definitely keep your method in mind, because I found a way to make it so the sword shows during a gesture, but only when the sword is toggled on the menu