Greetings and my first question - Video Player Play/Pause

Hello everyone! New to the forums and a somewhat recent transplant from Second Life.

I have been starting from scratch with teaching myself most aspects of the VRC creation process and as always, the programming aspect has been giving me some troubles. I think I am finally getting my head bent around the concepts of C#, U#, and udon.

Currently, I am trying to bend the Unity Video player component to my will. I followed this tutorial until he started getting into using ray tracing to push a simple button and have been combining it with this simple button tutorial - but am pretty stumped at this point.

This is what I have so far:

I feel like I’m really close to understanding. Can anyone help? Anything is much appreciated!

Video players are currently disabled in SDK3 (Udon) worlds while they work on their security. :smiley: May explain some of the trouble you’re having.

I think they may be back in Open Beta (VRChat 2020.3.3, build 986.) You could try fiddling with it on the beta client and report back.