Gravity Udon, Flying Quest and Minigame world

A world i made just when Udon was released and which i will slowly keep updating with Quests and Minigames! You can fly like a bird, and it includes fetch quests, hidden object finding, shooting minigame, time trial, and a future sport minigame!


Just took some friends here, and oh boy, a lot of fun but it will be the last time I listen to someone without reading. I zone in and was told to flap. I didn’t know how to get down at the start.

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~< oofers sorry about that xD not sure how to make it more clear without having it literally shout READ PLS to everyone upon entry, which would be annoying ! xD
glad you had fun <3

No need for sorrys, was funny. Like I said, won’t listen to my friends again :wink: hehe

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