Grabbable items on Avatars, is it possible?

So I’ve been working with a few models in Unity for a while and it’s come to my attention that making items grab-able by other players isn’t an possibility, even though it could open a world of possibilities. Does anyone have any insight on how it could be made a reality?

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Short Answer, it’s not possible right now, there is no real interactions between characters. Avatars 3.0 might enable this, but there’s not information on that specific aspect.

There is some trickery people have done to make certain things work, there is an shader that fakes IK with other things using the same shader to have sort of fake hand holding ( ), but that just zips to whatever else is using the shader, and it’ll follow that for a bit but it’s janky and will break off after a certain point, not recommended to hand off objects between avatars.

But so far there is no way to swap items between characters as far as I know.

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i remember a good while back there was a yoshi avatar that could drop yoshi eggs that you could pick up… not sure how they did it but i think it was a world object fixed IK exploit

was the only time i saw it so might also been some sort of client

if you drop particles on worldspace with collisions you can ask peoples to grab them with their quickmenu or colliders in their avatars, not dynamic bones colliders, box /sphere colliders

I saw a few people spawning object and everyone can grab them before, I’m not sure how that works tho, last saw was some dude doing it in chinese bar. The object looked like a cone.

That could have been someone with a modified client. There are some that can spawn prefabs in the scene into the world, apparently.