GotoUdon - Unity udon emulator and testing tools

Idea of this project is to simplify working with udon in editor, so you don’t need to start your game so often.

I’m just starting with udon so Im gonna just add things I consider useful while I’m working on my own map, but if someone have any requests please drop a comment here or create new issue on github.



A pack of editor scripts that helps with testing vrchat udon scripts without launching games.
Currently still in-dev, but basic functionality can be already used:

  • Using player join/leave events.
  • Invoking basic interactions events from editor, or clicking on object in game window.
  • Basic player api functionality, you can change player walk speed and track object to selected bone and check in editor if its working correctly.
  • Player tags.

Unsupported stuff that will be added soon:

  • Look ray cast.
  • Is grounded. (currently always true)
  • Simulating actual pickup interactions between user and object.
  • Object ownership.
  • More simulated events to be called with a button.
  • Operation on server time (implemented, but might return completely different values than in vrchat)
  • Tracking data. (currently it just return same data as asking for bones, probably completly invalid)
  • Ability to actually move when in play mode like in 3rd person game.

Some of unsupported stuff can be actually already simulated by manually assigning objects to scripts added to objects at runtime,
but its not really usable and not tested. But each player contains “SimulatedVRCPlayer” component where you can see.
Other functions might be simulated but not tested if they works similar enough to vrchat, and are just blindly implemented to not crash.

Plans for future:

  • Ability to use VR when testing?
  • Basic vrchat physics simulation, at least to not do complete opposite of what vrchat is doing.

How to use

Go to releases page and download newest one and just drop it to your assets like any other unity package.
Then you can access new menu:
new menu

If you want to use simulated players its important to provide some avatar prefab and spawn point, if you already have a
scene descriptor a tool will try to copy a spawn point from there at first launch.

Any changes to this window are saved, so once you add few player templates you will not need to do it again after launching project again.
For avatar prefab I highly recommend using free unity asset Space Robot Kyle as I currently only tested this with that single avatar, and colliders might be wrong for other avatars, that might be improved later.

Then you can just add more players or change some setting, later when in play mode this window will change and display currently connected people:

You can use this menu to either editor your players, add new ones, or validate that your scripts changed desired valued,
like walk speed or made player immobile, as all custom properties of players are displayed in these boxes.
Changes made here are not saved, this includes adding new players.

Additional when you launch play mode this script will attach new component to every object that have udon behaviour components.
This component allows you to call some basic events with simple click, you can also click on object in game window to
cause interaction event to be executed.
(More interactions will be added soon)


This tool can’t simulate networking, so you can’t use it to see if other players will see valid state of game.
Sadly this will probably be never implemented, as its way too complicated to be possible to add this to unity editor tool,
without actually launching multiple instances of unity.

How to help

You can help me by either just contributing to this repository with new features,
or by sending me example udon maps/scenes I can import in unity and test how the tool acts in unity vs in game.


If you need help you can write here or join to discord:
Discord - For support and bug reports.