Good way to store mass amounts of data?

Forgive me for a (potentially dumb) question, but if I want to store a lot of data (including URLs that need to be output as VRCUrl objects by the time they’re accessed), what are my options? I’ve heard some people use multiple arrays of different types and iterates with a for() loop getting each value like so;

public string[] names = new string[] { "Some Thing" }
public VRCUrl[] urls = new string[] { new VRCUrl("") }

// in some function

for(int i = 0; i < names.Length; i++)
    string name = names[i];
    VRCUrl url = urls[i];

but this gets messy with a lot of data, so I’d prefer a sleeker solution if possible. My first idea before this was to load it all from a json file via string loading, and parse that, but that would break the “VRCUrl cannot be created after compile-time” rule, and therefore wouldn’t work, right?


You might be able to create an array of objects that contain vrcurl objects. Also consider that you can automate production of the code that is compiled.

If you do ship a list of video ids in a world without titles, don’t forget the rick roll video id.