Gogo Loco Beyond Flying not working - Help!

So after the update (October 16, 2023) all of my avatars that use Gogo Loco Beyond for flying do not work anymore. Anyone have a clue how to fix this plz?

List of things I have tried.

  1. I had updated the Creator Companion to the latest updates, aswell as all the packages, and VRCFury.

  2. I had updated all my avatars Gogo Loco to the latest version. (Currently 1.8.2 as of today)

  3. I had cleared my VRChat Catche.

  4. I also verified integrity of game files from Steam.

  5. I have also uninstalled, and re-installed VRChat.

  6. I have made a fresh new avatar uploaded from scratch, threw in the current Gogo Loco.

End result: No avail…

Help plz?

I asked about ggl in the latest dev thread, and having personal mirror or face mirror out was suggested.

I tried it, and your right, this does work thank you.

Hopes to the guys that made Gogo Loco could fix this issue.
(Unless if that is a VRChat issue, and not the GGL?)

That’s the post from the latest dev thread I’m referring to.

Ah ok, thank you for this info. :ok_hand:

I found that much older version of gogo loco if substituted instead of the newer file works just fine. I have a unity package from this time last year, and when used with vrcfury installer package, all poses and everything else work without any issues.

Just for reference, 1.7.9 is the version that changed the flight method from a collider to a station


Releases page shows that 1.7.4 would be a year old