GLOVE / Arduboy Shader Game Engine

Hey all! I’ve been working on bringing traditional gaming to Social VR. As part of that process, I’m porting Arduboy content to VR Chat as HLSL shader code.

The first playable game is GLOVE. It’s a very early Arduboy game that I wrote waaaay back on the pre-kickstarter devkit unit. If you don’t have an Arduboy, try GLOVE in VR Chat for yourself in the official (WIP) world!

I’m following a release-early, release-often approach right now. I’ve set up a github repo with a prefab you can drop in your own world: GitHub - fuopy/glove-shader: Glove implemented as a unity shader. I’ve made it MIT license because I want people to learn from and benefit my code as soon as possible. I aim to develop a more rich platform during the process of porting additional Arduboy games in the next few months, so keep watching the repo as things evolve. I have some fun mechanics planned to enhance the traditional gaming experience in ways only financially possible in VR! :slight_smile:

Currently the prefab is local-only. The plan is to add global sync once UNU goes live.

Sister thread in Arduboy community forums: Arduboy in Unity/VRChat Shader - General - Arduboy

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions about how it works!