Getting smaller triggers to work while inside a big box collider trigger

I have a box collider trigger set up over an area to detect when a player is inside of it. The collider is on its own layer to detect only the local player.
Inside that area I want to have several other colliders that can be interacted with, but it appears that the collider of the entire area blocks the other collider triggers inside of it partially. Other triggers sometimes work, sometimes don’t. I couldn’t figure out yet when they do, it’s not consistent and differs from instance to instance.

The VRChat camera for example also cannot be picked up sometimes while inside the area of the box collider trigger.

This only appears to happen in VR, in the desktop mode all triggers can be interacted without problem.

Is there an elegant way to have an area trigger for player presence detection but still have other triggers work inside of it? I’ve tried putting objects on different layers, but that didn’t seem to have any impact on it.

The only way I can think of is making two trigger walls that a player walks through, the inside one to set the state to “inside” and the outside one to “outside”, but that might break it if a player chooses to respawn while inside, as he never touches the outside trigger area again.

This has always been an issue with isTrigger colliders and the VRChat VR Raycaster, since it hits nearly every layer.
The only exception I’ve found is the Mirror Reflection layer, this one does not interfere with the VR raycaster.

There also are likely many other ways to achieve this.
Possibly checking if a player is within the bounds of a collider, like Bounds.Contains, or something to that degree.
Your solution can also work, you can just put a small trigger box around the respawn to reset inside/outside state.

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Ah, unfortunate.
I’ve banged my head into the wall multiple times over the last week redoing my prefabs over and over as I couldn’t figure out why my triggers only worked every now and then. I’ve been testing using the desktop mostly where everything just worked.

I’m testing a much lower box collider now to have only the feet hit it, that seems to do the trick as well and all other objects are still outside above it (they are static and don’t fall to the ground)
I don’t know the size of the VRChat character hitboxes, so far it seemed to have worked with tiny and tall Avatars.

The reset box at respawn is a great idea, I didn’t think of that. At least it’s a workaround in case somethings going wrong again.

The player capsule collider that interacts with collision and triggers is around 1.8 meters / 6 Feet tall at all times. Avatar does not affect it.