Getting position difference

I want to get the difference between 2 transforms positions to use for a “Matrix4x4 Translate” operation.
But regardless what i do i cannot find a easy way of doing it. plz help

Position (Vector3) minus Position (Vector3) will give you the difference between them.

I tried using OP subtraction but the issue is that if you subtract -5 with 1 you get -6 instead of -4, meaning i get the wrong value for the Translate, but if i use addition the same problem occurs with 2+2=4 instead of 0.

The difference between -5 and 1 is 6 tho. You have to subtract one from the other and then take the absolute (turning all negatives into positives) of all values to get the delta. The delta has no “direction” meaning that its the pure difference between two values. If you want to get from A to B you subtract A from B. so (B - A)