Get player position or head position and stick an object to it?

Hi, so I’m quite new with Udon still, but I need to know if there is any way I can do what used to need a whole system for.

I need an object to follow the player around. How can I get the player or his/her head, and set another object’s position with it?

Here is what I could come up within 5 min

And here is how it looks in VRC

**Not entirely sure how you would target a specific body part with it, but if you allowed the player to move it around somehow that would probably solve that problem. But that would be a bit more complex than the Udon stuff I just showed


It worked, thanks!

If you want to make it follow a specific bone, you can use Vrcplayer Api Get Bone Position, but I’m not sure if it works without IK.


Thank you for your help. I did my little work to make it better. if you want mark owner :slight_smile: your welcome!

my take to add sphere with transparent shader effects or player huds