Gestures while in Stations not working with AV2 & Disabling tracking

So, I’ve been running against this wall, and I couldn’t find a related topic while searching.
So I decided to make one to hopefully solve the problem for myself, and maybe others.

I’ll say it upfront, but I’m working with Udon and the avatar used to test is an SDK2 avatar.
I’m aware of the issues with stations and AV3. But this isn’t related.

That out of the way, the issue I’m having is gestures not working while seated in a station.
They work when not using a custom animation controller, but when using one it just breaks.

What I want is to be able to use gestures while seated down, since my, as well as many other avatar uses gestures for facial expressions. And well, they don’t work.

Another thing that I’m unable to figure out is how to “disable” tracking for certain body parts.
I got another station that puts player’s arms in a pose, and for desktop it works just fine. But when in VR the arms are still tracked, and I want to prevent that from happening on those specific stations while keeping the ability to track gestures.

Here’s how I have the animation controller and animation setup

(animation where I want the arms to be locked in place)

All animations only have 1 key frame to pose them.
I know it can be done, since I’ve seen it, but I can honestly not wrap my head around how to do it myself. So any help is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: