Generic model doesn't change animations

I have a hamanoid avatar, and i attached wings (a generig model) to the avatar.

In the unity editor it works, the animation of the wings changes. But in vrchat it stays on the first animation while the variable changes (from 0 to 1) with the custom menu.

Sorry for the english.

My guess is you want the wings to unfold with one animation and then flap with the other,right?

What you can do is have animation 1 unfold the wings (make sure it is not set to loop and on the last frame enable a new animator (on a new empty object) that will enable a looping animation of the wings flapping.

I dont really get it.

If i do this,


that works, after i load in the avatar, it goes from the flap animation to the closed animation automatically.

but if i do this
and change the variable with the vrchat menu, it doesn’t work

but if there is a animation for the humanoid linked, it works?

i am totaly lost.
sorry for the english