Fx layer weight zero?

For some reason my fx layer is zero in the game. In unity everything in the fx layer works fine and im able to turn on my weapons clothes etc. but in the game none of those things work. and looking at the debug console. i see that the fx layer is zero and is preventing my things from working. anyone know why this would happen???

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this is kind of weird.

That said, I have an idea for a workaround: you can manually set your FX back to 1.0 using a “Playable Layer Control” behaviour by making a state go to another state, select Add Behaviour, choose VRC Playable Layer Control, then select layer FX, Goal Weight 1.00, duration 0

(note that the orange state set as “Defualt” will not run the behaviours. that’s why you need a second state to trigger it)

Just to double check, you have been testing in the Av3Emulator and this does not happen the same in the editor? is it possible some other controller on your avatar is turning FX to 0?

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yeah so i am using the av3emulator and everything works perfectly normal in unity. but in the game it just simply doesnt work. and i cant really thing of anything else that would mess with this. i will look at the behavior states that i have right now on there to see if something did end up happenimg to them, if not ill try the behavior state thing you said, thank you for your response.

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smh i found out the problem. it was the damn ragdoll system that i have on my avatar.


Thank you for coming back and replying with your fix, I was tearing my hair out at this for so long, turns out it was the same ragdoll system

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Yeah man, that thing never worked for me. I wish it did. glad i helped tho.