FX layer expressions BREAK extra bone animations in locomotion layer

I’m very confused. You’re armature is more complex than I thought. Firstly they actually changed excellent on quest from 5000 tris to a maximum of 7500, not sure if that helps. Avatar Performance Ranking System

Method 2 should work. You would just duplicate the blend trees and rename them for each character. Then replace the animations in the blend tree for the specific characters and add those new blend trees to the new nodes

And with the raven legs, are you stating that you cannot use the armature to animate them, right? I can think of a way of animating them, but it would be very annoying to do. I have to remember some of the steps

Sorry if I didn’t understand your problem, I’m a bit tired right now

Sorry for the confusion.

Earlier in your explanation it sounded like you assumed I was using multiple meshes and armatures which I was presumably toggling between?

My avatar is actually just one mesh and armature.

The bug, bird, dragon, amongus, and about 50 more other transformations I havent even shown you yet, are all actually shape keys from one singular mesh and armature.
Currently with the visemes, expressions, and all the forms thus far, I have a total of 142 shapekeys for this guy.

Here is another example below to show just how far I have pushed the limits of shapekeys and nonhumanoid bones. These two are the same mesh and armature and yes those rings and wings are fully animated.

EDIT: I read your method 2 explanation again and I think I understand now what you were trying to say. But can you explain how I can correctly toggle locomotions in detail. I’m sorry I havent done this type of thing before and parameters are something i am mostly unfamiliar with

I’m not really good at tutorials, but I tried to make a tutorial video: 2021 11 09 15 25 49 - YouTube

something is wrong with the recording, it appears the drop down boxes you clicked on didnt show up for some strange reason. It also cut out before you finished setting up the anims in the controller

Sorry for not responding for a long time. If you haven’t already found a solution, then I would say that you would be better off looking at a tutorial on toggles. Here’s a tutorial that has to do with much more than toggles, but it is the video where I pretty much learned the basics of 3.0 avatars making: BiTRex's VRChat Avatar 3.0 Tutorial - YouTube

This video is a quick video about toggle: VRChat Avatars SDK2 to SDK3 Tutorial #3 - Object Toggles - YouTube

just remember that if you are using a reset layer, uncheck write defaults

okay I have 4 different amongus shapekeys, each carrying a different weapon and each activated with the VRCEMOTE Parameter under the action layer. I set up a new INT parameter called AMONGUS and created the new locomotion states with the blendtrees and the animations and all that stuff.

now how the heck do I activate both the VRCEMOTE and AMONGUS parameters at the same time when the menu only lets me use one parameter?

I’m not sure if you solved it yet, but just use VRCEMOTE for both. You only need one parameter

I just saw this post, and i wanted to ask how would you add transforms in a crouch pose. Im not sure how to add to the FX layer, with the locamotion fix.

I’d need more info to answer. Are you trying to make the avatar do an animation when crouching or add shape keys to the crouch animation, or something else?

hit the red record button on your animation tab and any non-humanoid bone you mess will become animated here the frame line is. You can use the data in the animation tab or use the tools at the top of the page, or the transform data on the inspector page to accomplish this