(From Scratch) World Art Commissions

Hey I am BlueASIS you may know some of my works from in game, “Crafty Climbers” “The Junkyard” and “Hook Junkers” to name a few!

I am an environment artist focusing primarily on weird alien environments & cutesy environments optimised for quest and pc alike. Reach out to me if you think my style can improve your world.

find me on discord BlueASIS#4579 or on twitter @bluasis

All of my work is 100% from scratch, modelling, uving, texturing the whole deal, so please understand that this may get costly and I may not be the perfect fit for your project!

I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.


love your style of art! keep it up, and would love to work on a project with you in the future!

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I really love your crafted looking world. I’ve been wanting to do one in a style like that for so long! yours is so good!

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