(From Scratch) Avatar Art Commissions

Hey I am BlueASIS you may have seen my work in the default avatar row, and around the game in general!

I am a character artist primarily focusing on weird and absurd characters and quest compatible content, reach out to me if you think my style fits what you need!

find me on discord blueasis#4579 or on twitter @bluasis

All of my work is 100% from scratch, modelling, uving, texturing, rigging, weight paint, the whole deal, so please understand that this may get costly and I may not be the perfect fit for your project!

I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.


would you be able to create an anime and chibi stlye avatars based off of a picture?

How much would it be to commission you for?

No, sorry.

Depends on the character, hit me up on twitter or discord and you can share specifics.

Sounds good, I’ll message you on twitter

what’s your pricings?

Depends on what you need, message me on discord or twitter if you want to chat, links are in main post!