Free UdonSharp Role and Permission Plugin/Unity Asset for Worlds


If you want to create your first world, if you are currently working on transferring your sdk2 world to sdk3 or if you just want a stable and tested role management system to use in your world this package is the right thing for you!

If you want to check out how easy it is to use just check out this Video: Vrchat World Roles and Permission Scripts. Download for free! [Udon][SDK3] - YouTube

All Assets you can see in the Video and in the Package can obviously be replaced with well designed objects, but I’m a Software developer not a 3d Artist


  • Role Tags (by default above players’ heads. Can be activated and deactivated for every role.)

  • Pincode Input for Roles

  • Automatic Role assignment by PlayerName

  • Buttons and Colliders to set Boolean and Integer Variable Values in Animators

  • A Button and Collider to enable and disable GameObjects

  • A Button that Teleports the user who pressed it

Special Features

  • Every Button and Collider is using the role management system

  • Every Button and Collider other than the teleporter can be set to local or global (the teleporter only works for the player who clicked on it)

  • The Button to set an Animator Boolean and the Button to enable and disable GameObjects are also being synced for players who join in newly into instances if the Button is set to be Global

  • The Buttons to set an animator boolean and the Button to enable and disable GameObjects can be set to automatically reset themselves after a specific amount of time (in seconds)

  • The look of the RoleTag is fully customizable, adjust it to your own needs. You can even define a unique text color for each role!

  • Users have the default role “guest”. If you allow “guest” users on an object every person in the world can use that Button or Collider.


  1. Setup a new Vrchat Unity World with the sdk3 if you don’t allready have one. You can follow the official Vrchat documentation: Setting up the SDK . It is now recommended to use the official Vrchat Creator Companion: My local test setup uses it and since migrating is really easy I recommend you do it too if you have an old world laying around and especially if you create a new one.

  2. Install the latest Version of UdonSharp. You can do that by going here Releases · vrchat-community/UdonSharp · GitHub and clicking on the .unitypackage file in the “Assets” section. After the download finished you can open the file on your pc when your Unity Vrchat World is open and it will automaticly install the files when you click on “Import All”.

  3. Now you can install the latest Version of Vrchat-Roles-And-Permissions. As you did with UdonSharp you need to download the .unitypackage file from the last entry here: Releases · mastereva/vrchat-roles-and-permissions · GitHub and install it with your Vrchat World still open in Unity by opening (double clicking the .unitypackage file) and clicking “Import All” inside of Unity once the Import Window is being displayed.

  4. To set up the scene and specific Components please watch this Video: Vrchat World Roles and Permission Scripts. Download for free! [Udon][SDK3] - YouTube until the Documentation in Text form is finished!


Ideas or just wanna show off?

@ me!


Any Issues or feature requests? Please Create an Issue on Github!

Help and Support

If you need help or want to know if something you have in mind can be created with this system join the discord and ask (for help)!

Cool concept!

Step 2 of your installation guide can be performed with the Creator Companion, either during project creation or by adding the UdonSharp package in the project management screen.